Play G Switch 3

After playing the G switch, I was waiting eagerly for its upcoming version. Well, G switch 3 is the successive game in the series of G switch. It is the game for which you are waiting too. Now, our waiting moments are about to end. The gravity is shortened on the earth so it is a tough task to maintain the gravity. The gameplay is very easy, and you need to handle the robot. The main goal is to manage the gravity when you are running upside down. This game trained you against the hurdles.

Have you tried the G switch first version game? If no, then try that first and then go for the G switch 3. You will observe many new features in G switch. It is a web-browser based speed running game that is developed by Vasco Freitas. It is published by Serius Games. There will be the upcoming version of G-switch 3 over the internet soon.

G Switch 3 Gameplay

G Switch 3 game is very simple, and the whole game starts with the one click. The main objective of this game is to pass each level by switching the gravity at the correct time and correct place.

Advancement in G switch 3

  1. The Music was very bluff in G switch, but it is improved in G switch III.
  2. The graphics were dumped and the whole game gets held, but this issue is resolved in it.
  3. Now, the control is not over at some points in the G switch 3.
  4. Its styling and the backgrounds features are very impressive and appealing.
  5. There are a bonus and the power-ups at some points to boost the speed.
  6. Many trials, errors, and bugs are fixed in it.
  7. Sudden movements are allowed in it.
  8. In the previous version, the moves were slow and the speed is reset after a fixed interval.
  9. Amazing background story for players.
  10. Use X key or left click to shuffle the gravity.

I have discussed all my knowledge about the flaws in the previous version and the advancement in the new version. If you like the runner-up games then it will be your love. Try this game and share your feeling with me via comments. I hope your views match with me. Wait, do you have installed flash player on your web browser? If no then go for the installation process because it can’t be played without flash player. It is compatible all web-browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari. But make sure that all web browsers are updated.

Before you start the game, remember my advice. Just remember the place and obstacles because they are repeating after the fixed interval of time. In the single mode player, you have to control two runners but beware of the trapped and saw blades. In the multiplayer mode, you are given the two various boosters and emulating. Total eight players can play at a time in the multiple player games.

How to Play the game?

1st Player: Up and down Keys

2nd Player: C and M