Play G Switch 5

We are happy to see you here again in the search of the new version of the G Switch series game. Like me, you are also the fan of the G switch series. Total 4 versions were previously released, and every next level version is better, interesting, and engaging than the previous one.  Now, the time comes to announce the new updated version of the G switch series: G Switch 5. Its gameplay is very engaging and its theme is just amazing. It is very easy and simple to play that if you are not familiar with the previous version then you can play it without any fear and problem. The main objective in this game is to manage the gravity at right time.

When I saw it, then one thing came in my mind that it looks some kind of running game. And it is a speed running game, in which you have to run fast as to can and have to manage the gravity right time otherwise you will fall. This series started from the simple G Switch and now reached to G Switch 5. Now, let take a glance that what flaws were in the previous version and how it is resolved in G Switch 5:

  1. In the beginning, no attention was paid to the graphics and environment but in the next level series, these bugs were resolved.
  2. Similarly, the quality of the music was very poor. But in G switch 3, 4 and 5 this was the focused thing.
  3. Sometimes, the control was lost when the gravity needs to apply, and in the result, the player loses. It was the one major issue that is covered now.
  4. Now, the background and other interacting features are also improved.
  5. Many power-ups are placed in the way so that player get a boost when his energy level became low.
  6. In the previous versions, the moves were slow and the sometimes game is held when you make any sudden movement. But in this version, you are allowed to make the immediate movements.
  7. Many bugs, errors, and trials are fixed in it.
  8. In the previous version, all story was broken into chunks, but now, an initial story for the player to get motivation.
  9. Press left mouse button / X key to change the gravity.
  10. Multiple players can play at a time.

Well… whole information is delivered now that what were the failures and what improvements are made in this new version. Now, it’s your turn to play this game and tell more thing that I have missed out because everyone has his own observation power. I hope you will 80% agree with my points. One more thing that I have to forget to describe you. It’s your Platform. Make sure that you are using the updated version of the web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Along with this, you need to install the flash player extension on your browser. Because this version support flash player technology and HTML5.

How to Play GSwitch 5?

Arrow Keys

C and M